Not only EAT but also KILL that frog!!

I know you all will be wondering:



Yes, I am serious, but not in a way you are thinking. :P hahaha confusing right? Keep reading to get this.

Here I am sharing one of the most common problems we all go through, which is “PROCRASTINATION”. We all make excuses to delay our tasks and relax. Sometimes we don't want to waste our time but our speed is so slow, and we get distracted so easily that 30 mins tasks are extended to more than an hour.

Here what I mean by eating a frog is eating that procrastination, and for that, I have a technique for you which is very famously known as the Pomodoro technique.

In the Pomodoro technique, there are simple five steps:

  1. Decide the tasks you need to complete.
  2. Allocate time to each task.
  3. Then start working on the first task until time gets over.
  4. After completion of the first task, takes 05 minutes short break.
  5. Do all the tasks in this way and after completion of 4 to 5 tasks, take a long break of 30 minutes.

It is a quite simple and very useful method to keep concentrate and to avoid procrastination.

Let me share my own example of eating that FROGG(procrastination) with the Pomodoro technique.

As a first step, I made the schedule of the tasks I had to do. Then, I start working on each. I didn't take a break in starting three tasks to save more time, then after the completion of starting three tasks, I took a 5minutes break (I checked my phone for 5 minutes) then I started again to complete my rest of the two tasks. On completion of my all tasks, I feel like A BIGG VICTORY! :D

I personally loved doing this, It saves my time a lot and helps me in time management. I will do this activity daily while doing every task. will you do the same?



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